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FashionAndYou as Your Career Growth Partner:

  • We help you to unleash the "Entrepreneur" inside of you;
  • We help you understand the linkage between various steps involved in a process, we help you understand and achieve the "big picture" in life;
  • We are as passionate and obsessive towards your growth, as you are;
  • We understand and acknowledge that each member of the family is as important for business's success as the other;
  • Good, bad, or ugly - We maintain complete transparency with our employees and eliminate the "no surprises" factor;
  • Each employee owns departmental performance, leading to ownership of organizational performance as well;

Our Values:

  • We shall always be CUSTOMER CENTRIC;
  • We shall always strive to be ONE TEAM working towards ONE DREAM;
  • We shall always be COMMITTED to Business & Customer Satisfaction;
  • We shall always demonstrate SPEED in our actions;
  • We shall uphold highest levels of INTEGRITY;
  • We shall be AGGRESSIVE in discharging our duties, yet stay HUMBLE;
  • We shall be TRANSPARENT in what we do and shall not leave any scope for SURPRISES;

Highlights of work-culture at FashionAndYou:

  • A work environment full of real time challenges that foster impeccable learning and growth;
  • Innovativeness is the key to our success;
  • Employee friendly compensation structure, with no hidden salary components;
  • 100% statutory compliances month-on-month, ensuring that your post-employment experience and settlements are hassle-free;
  • Employee, spouse and 2 children covered under Group Mediclaim Policy with floater coverage of Rs 3 L per annum from Executive to General Manager and Rs 5 L per annum for Directors and above. Best part – complete premium borne by the organization as employee benefit;

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Key Employee Related Policies:

  • Employee Referral Policy: Each talent you refer for an opening with us, we reward you for the reference;
  • Employee Leave Policy:
  • Earned Leave - 30 per year, calculated @ 2.5 days per month from employee's DoJ till Dec 31
  • Special Leave: Paternity leave (5 working days), Bereavement leave (4 working days). Maternity leave (90 calendar days);
  • Monthly R&R Programs: On the stop recognition programs to recognize exceptional performer from each department and encourage others to out-perform their own performance benchmarks;

Career Prospects at FashionAndYou

At FashionAndYou, we are always on a look-out for professionals from Analytics, Customer Services, Finance & Accounts, HR & Administration, IT, Marketing, Pre-Sales Operations, Sales & Sourcing, and Supply Chain Management.

Open positions within the organization are mentioned below for your reference. However, we do not limit talent to one marked existing role with us, but we create new roles to have you with us. If you have demonstrate all of the traits in our values, immediately send us your profile at